Saturday, July 27, 2013

Exhausted & Sore!

I spent about 5 hours yesterday working in my classroom - painting! After living with a shade of green that would make Kermit the Frog ill... I got the go ahead to paint this week! I chose a few of my favorite colors, that I may have at my own house! ;)

My room is being used to house "stuff" from 3 other classrooms at the moment, while they are being clean, so it's messy. I will get better pictures after my room is stripped and waxed! We have 23 days until we have students.. EEK! I feel like I'm running out of time.  I'm trying to get at least one project done a day, but with a 14 month old and a 5 year old in tow.. it's not always possible! 

Let's get to the pictures!

Top two is my bathroom buddy's room. I forgot "befores" in my own room. 

XO - Jennifer @ Learning in Kinder

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