Sunday, July 28, 2013

Window shopping at Walmart..

After a nice breakfast at Bob Evans, the boys and I wandered around Walmart. We snagged some groceries and sand for our hermit cars. T picked out his backpack for this year (Ninja Turtles!), and I "window" shopped for things that may or may not make their way into our classroom this year. 

I didn't take a picture of him, but I'm pretty sure we are going to get a Beta fish as a class pet, in addition to our hermit crabs and halloween crab. 

Onto the photos!
Aaa ah! Chevron. Aqua! Pink! Lime green!!  The price is wrong, they're only 99 cents! I didn't grab any just yet, but I'm kind of sure that the pink, green, and aqua pocket folders and/or composition books will be mine *evil laugh*. 

We have 2 big rugs, but I may purchase some of these for other spaces in our room. $19.50 for 26. 

I'm thinking this would be a great addition beside the door to manage our "how we go home" area. 

String lights. These are *too cute*! I wish I could get them in only blue/green. 

Ok, that's it for this post!  I have another in the works - $ store scores! ;) 

I'm working in my room tomorrow, so I will be able to take better pictures then. 

XO! - Jennifer @ learning in kinder 

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